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          Join us

          Position:Home >Join us >Recruitment Policy

          We pay attention to incentive and sharing, so as to constantly improve the compensation and welfare system, actively promote the performance management system, let employees and enterprises share the operating results, and encourage employees to pursue excellence.We use internal selection and recommendation and external introduction, gathering talents.Develop and retain talents by establishing multi - channels.

          We appreciate those who are practical and hard-working, and we respect those who are innovative and responsible.Excellent quality and high professional dedication are what we highly admire.

          We provide you not only a job, but also a broad career development space, a life stage that allows you to give full play to your talents, talents and creativity!

          Contact:Miss Wang     Phone: 0592-7236116

          COPYRIGHT 厦门顾德益电器有限公司 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 
          Official WeChat

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