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          ABOUT US

          Xiamen GOODEP
          is a modern high-tech enterprise with technical innovation and stick to quality.

          Since establishment in 2008, GOODEP specializes in R&D and manufacture of switching components of medium-high voltage electrical appliances and epoxy resin insulation products ...

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          • 2008

            Founded in 2008

          • 23000

            With 23,000 square meters factory area

          • 31


            Adopt advanced equipment



          GOODEP products total include six series, range from solid insulation series, solid- insulation-embedded poles, the series of SF6 gas cabinet insulation, solid insulating switchgear components series, environmental protection gas switchgear components and other insulation parts series .

          GOODEP · NEWS

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          May, 2014, "The Sixth Complete Equipment Development and Technology Forum" was held in Shenzhen named by our company
          May 29, 2014, "the sixth complete equipment Development and Technology Forum" was ceremoniously held in Shenzhen sponsored by our company, general manager Mr. Jiang delivered an important speech; deputy general manager Mr. Wen made a statement on "solid insulation technology exchange "forum. Our co...
          2014 Mid-autumn Festival Evening Party
          2014 Mid-autumn Festival Evening Party was ceremoniously held in Xiamen Xianglu International Hotel 1.The host came out on stage 2.General Manager Mr. Jiang was delivering an important speech 3. The Bobing activity began. 4. General Manager Mr. Jiang awarded for the Zhuangyuan5.After Bobing, the b...
          Welcome 199 strategic partnership to visit our company
          April 9, Xiamen 199 strategic partnership delegation paid a visit to our company. Deputy General Manager Wen Xiaohuang received the delegation and gave introduction of our company, culture, policy and products to them. Mr.Wen brought the delegation to visit our production and testing workshop so as...
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